Photos transport us to another time. They reunite us with people, places, moments and history.

I can restore faded and damaged photos from a variety of formats (incl. printed, negative and digital), bringing them back to life and creating a digital copy that you can easily share with friends and family.

A standard package (up to 20 photos) includes the following:

  • File 1: your restored photos full size
  • File 2: your photos at 1200 pix size, ideal for sharing online and digital photo frames
  • File 3: digital copies of the original pictures as received

Negatives, slides & prints sent by post, will be returned by post with all new prints on a USB.

The cost of a standard package is £25. (costs will vary depending on the number of images with a minimum charge of £10- please ask for a quote!)

Please get in touch via the form.